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5a 5b pivot IMG_0510 CR II 002 HMV 103 002 HMV 101J 020 HMV 163 048 HMV C101J 2 017 Nickel Plating 001 Basic Set Up

Welcome to Restore-A-Gram, the sister site of which will be dedicated to the restoration advice for restoring acoustic gramophones.  In no way must this be taken as a comprehensive guide to gramophone restoration.  It simply deals with aspects that I have encountered with my collection shown at the Graham-ophones website.  Also, please note I am no "expert" on anything.  This site is an amalgamation of somethings I've learned from others and some things I've discovered for myself, all of which have worked for me in pulling together my collection.


Acoustic gramophones, in particular portable or "picnic" gramophones have become very popular in recent years as the ever increasing appearance and prices on auction sites like Ebay bear testimony.  However at between 60 and 100 years old these machines rarely if ever require nothing in the way of restoration. This site is aimed at helping those who like me in 2013 was drawn into the fascination of these machines and are faced with the range of challenges to which their purchase no doubt plays host.


It is in no way a complete site and will grow in topics overtime, the indicator in the top right hand corner of the Home page pointing to recent changes


Finished 102 carrier and table mat No 4 006 HMV Model 6 035 Gram Needles Columbia 204 007 163 lid 011 Decca 120 Album 004

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The site is maintained in the memory of the author Graham Barber.