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A fellow collector kindly sent me this album for my Decca Rally. Unlike my other albums it seems to have been given the actual name of the gramophone it was designed to go with bearing not only the Rally name on the cover but also on the inside.  Like the other albums it makes reference to the name "Wilson" in the patent reference so I'm assuming this was the name of the manufacturer.  The album is covered in faux  beige/brown snakeskin to match the covering of some of the Rally models produced.  My particular Rally is covered with the usual black morocco pattern leathercloth of other models.  The brown album actually sits well with my black Rally but I fancy trying my hand at making an album based on the Decca Rally design in black.  The album doesn't have the expanda idea but instead binds loose record sleeves into the cover using elasticated cord.

The "Decca Rally" Record Album

The materials used were:

Rexine equivalent material obtained from F J Ratchford's of Stockport

Thick card 2/3mm for covers

350gm card ( for the record sleeves and "expander")

80 - 100gm paper (reinforcement for sleeve/expander joint, inner cover slips)

PVA Adhesive.


The photos below give an indication of how I produced the album. (not yet done)


The measurements for the "Decca Rally " album in my collection is:


Cover dimensions:

Cover width - 265mm

Cover length - 255mm

Front cover corner cut offs 50mm in from each edge.


Width 30mm


Sleeves dimensions:

All sleeves measure 264mm wide x 250mm long

All corner cut offs 50mm in from each edge.


The final touch is to produce a decal.  For this I use transfer paper from "Crafty Computer Papers" together with a graphics program in which the logo is recreated.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger image

The Original Album

The New Album