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Ken Priestley

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F R Ratchford J Hewitt


Meadows and Passmore






This style of record album, officially called The "Expanda" Record Container, was used on a number of portables by various gramophone manufacturers most notably Columbia and Decca.  Finding one in a gramophone should be considered a bonus and finding one in  mint condition a rarity indeed.  When buying a gramophone the tell tale signs of an album being present at one time or other are two supporting brackets in the lower part of the lid and some kind of clip sytem in one of the top corners of the lid.  Given their absence the choice is simply to either track down a replacement or make one as I did in the case of the Decca 120 and Columbia 202C.  I give dimensions below for the albums in my collection.

The "Expanda" Record Album

The materials used were:

Rexine equivalent material obtained from F J Ratchford's of Stockport

Thick card 2/3mm for covers

350gm card ( for the record sleeves and "expander")

80 - 100gm paper (reinforcement for sleeve/expander joint, inner cover slips)

PVA Adhesive.


The photos below give an indication of how I produced the album.


The measurements for the "Expanda" albums in my collection are:


Columbia 201 - 260mm wide x 265 mm long.

Columbia 202 - 275mm wide x 265mm long.

Decca 120 and Decca 130  - 265mm wide x 260mm long

All front cover corner cut offs 50mm in from each edge.


All thicknesses 30mm


Sleeves dimensions:

All sleeves measure 260mm wide x 250mm long

All corner cut offs 45mm in from each edge.


The final touch is to produce a decal.  For this I use transfer paper from "Crafty Computer Papers" together with a graphics program in which the logo is recreated.

The Expanda Collection

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