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Feet for portables

Unless you are very lucky in getting a gramophone that has been used very little it is almost certain that along with the handle the feet will have also taken a lot of use and therefore may be worn down to practically nothing.  Just lately I have discovered a new material called Sugru.  I have used it  in replacing the insulator on a Columbia 15a soundbox and it occurred to me whilst in the process that the stuff may help with making new feet.  Here are some methods for manufacturing different feet used on gramophones.

HMV 101 and 102 feet with metal corners

The photos show a set of 102 feet being made but the principle is the same for HMV 101's

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HMV 102 Feet for 102's without metal corners

For 102's without corner brackets again I use Sugru with colour choice matching the gramophone.  Sugru is mixable so Blue and Yellow would be needed for green.  3 x 5g sachets are enough for the 8 feet of a 102 but forget buying it from Sugru themselves as you cannot buy 3 sachets of one colour.  Ebay however will come to the rescue.  The only other thing you need is the little stamp I made. I turned mine on a lathe.  I think the pictures will be self explanatory.

HMV 101 Feet (alternative)

An alternative to the method above was sent to me by a visitor to the site who drew my attention to a product available in the UK.  Click the link to visit the suppliers site. The feet are an exact fit for the 101 corner bracket as the photographs show.   The feet are rounded and could possibly benefit from a little flattening to give them more stability.  All in all a very successful and cost effective way of dealing with worn 101 feet although as with all these things carriage charges can make them less so.


Decca 130 (or where the corner bracket cannot be removed)

Sometimes situations occur where the corner plate that houses the feet cannot be removed.  Such an instance is the Decca 130 where the plate extends up the enire corner of the gramophone and is secured with bifurcated rivets.  Not wishing to remove these I repaired the foot by an external pad of Sugru that adheres to the remains of the old foot.

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