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A new insulator was required on the Paillard Soundbox of my Decca 120.  Once again I used Sugru.  Other soundboxes come to mind on which the same process could be used.

Paillard No 8 Insulator

The Stages:


1.  The old insulator must be completely removed and this needs a certain amount of care when dealing with pot metal as in the case of the Paillard No. 8.  I drilled holes into the old rubber thus relieving pressure and removing a fair amount of the old insulator.


2.  Once clean I got the Sugru ready as per the instructions.  The photo also shows the gauze, used by Paillard to protect the back of the diaphragm, and the inner sleeve.


3.  A layer of Sugru was put around the bottom of the aperture and carefully "trimmed" with a small screwdriver around the bottom hole..  This layer guarantees separation of the sleeve from the soundbox. This is important.


4.  The gauze was then placed on top of this layer and pressed down but not so hard as to go through the layer of Sugru and contact the soundbox.   The sleeve was then centred in the hole paying particular attention to aligning the small hole where the bayonet lug would pass, and packing commenced with Sugru maintaining the sleeve in the centre.  This stage was carried on until the level was reached where the bayonet screw would enter.  This was screwed in to place so that its tip entered the hole in the sleeve.  A thin coating of gease was applied to the thread to prevent adhesion when in contact with the Sugru. Packing with Sugru then continued to the level of the top of the aperture.


5.  Finally the top was trimmed and smoothed to form a neat finish and the soundbox put to one side for 24hrs to allow the Sugru to cure.


NB. Ensure the Sugru is well packed as it does shrink slightly in curing.  Before using the sleeve make sure it is a tight fit on the soundbox. The Paillard had a slot in the sleeve which I closed up prior to work starting