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Portable Case Handles

As well as the feet of the portable gramophone no other part possible gets as much wear as the handle.  Rare is the machine that has a good original one.  It's therefore not unusual to find ready replacements that are either custom made as with the HMV 101 and HMV 102 or almost identical replacements generally available such as those needed on the Decca 50 etc.  However occasionally there is no other alternative than to make one from scratch e.g. for some Columbias and early HMV 101's; or repair an existing one as in the case of the Decca 120, 130 and Rally.  In this section I want to build up a selection of handles I have made, repaired, recovered.

The Decca type 2 part and covered metal handle.


I've called it the Decca handle but it is a commonly used handle cropping up on a range of machines.  I've encountered this handle on my Decca 120, Decca 130 and the Decca Rally.  On the first two no repair was necessary as the handles were in good condition.  The Decca Rally however needed a repair.  Below explains how I have done it.

Stage 1:  Remove the handle by closing the ends of the two bifurcated rivets and pulling through their location holes. The top of the handle can then be prised out starting at one end.  This will leave the lower half held in place by two end sections which a bent around the rings.  Carefully straighten and remove the lower half of the handle.


Stage 2:  Remove the old covering which you will find is not glued but held secure by the "clip" action of pressing the two half of the handle together.


Stage 3:  Cut two pieces of Rexine lether cloth.  1 measuring 8.75" (223mm) x 2.5" (63mm) for the bottom, inner half of the handle and 1 measuring 8" (203mm) x 2.5" (63mm) for the top, outer half on the handle.  Note I have cut a square out of each corner

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The HMV "Pakawa" handle.


This was used on a number of HMV and later EMI machines from around the 101C onwards.  At best the handle will need repairing but at worst it may need a new handle and these are readily available on eBay or from DeZwart Schijf in Holland. ( See left hand links panel)  To remove the handle simply remove the two retaining screws on the inside of the case and prise the metal flaps that hold the clips in place forwards.  The clips can then be removed from the slots on the case.  Complete any necessary cleaning but if you have to remove the metal spring components from the inside of the clips make a note of their orientation.  Refitting is the reverse of removal except that the clips need a high degree of compression back on the fold points to ensure a tight fit.  I use either a pair of grips or better still a cramp.  The photo (right) gives a clearer idea of the tools I use, just click on the thumbnail to get a larger image.  Once tight replace the two retaining screws.  A word of warning.  Take care with the bending of the lugs.  Breaks may occur at the fold point because of the weakening process of bending to remove and bending back to fit.  Once removed they will also need a little adjustment to straighten the lugs for refitting.  Having said that I have never had one break on me yet....but there's always a first time.

of the long piece.  This measures approx 1/3rd the width of the piece and is done to alleviate the problem of too much leathercoth being folded around the lugs at the end of the handle.


Stage 4: This is best explaned by the video below.  A tricky process in which each half is covered with the leather cloth, the two halves brought together and the leathercloth manipulated to shape. Please excuse the mutterings on the video.  This was the first time I had done this process but I thought I'd video it as I do not know when I will need to do another..