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Owners with models like the HMV 102 and 97 may also have a record carrier on which they may want to replace the felt either because the original is damaged or because they have sourced a replacement for a lost tray and wish to maintain a match with the turntable felt.  It is a simple matter to modify the turntable mat jig to allow for this.  Here's how I did one of mine.

Make a card template of the base of the carrier using either the old felt if this were removed in one piece or as shown for cutting the felt shape in picture 6. Cut central hole and locate on base board marking the corners of the template.  Draw radials through these points to edge of board.

A new blade position is required at 127mm radius.  Note also the mark on the outer edge in line with the blade position.  More of this later.

It's useful to label the centre disc to indicate the purpose of the blade position.  The disc will take a number of positions for varying turntable diameters so labelling is essential.

Cut a rectangle of felt  (I used double thickness as for turntable.) wider than the carrier base but narrower than the radials on the base board.  These latter line must be visible over some of there length

Proceed to cut base as for the turntable using the mark on the disc edge and the radials as a guide to ensure the cut is of adequate length.

Either cut some wooden discs to make a stand or as I have done use a pile of old records ( nothing important here!).  The pile must be higher than the carrier sides.  Align the hole in the felt with the record hole, invert the carrier onto the felt.

Carefully with a SHARP blade trim the mat to shape.

The final mat. All that remains is to cut the two rectangular pieces for the ends from off cuts.

Record Carrier Recover 008

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