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The Compleat Talking Machine Collecting Phonographs and Gramophones Restoring the Edsion Gem

Reference Books

"Collecting Phonographs and Gramophones" - Christopher Proudfoot.  Published 1980


It didn't take long in my introduction to gramophones for the name Christpoher Proudfoot to come to the fore.  He would appear to be, and from what I can gather with just cause, the guru of gramophones.  The book is divided into two sections - Part I - A Guide to Makes and Models; and Part II - Building up and Maintaining a Collection.  A quick glance has already shown me I've committed a cardinal sin or two. - Of course I'm not going to say what they are am I?).  The second section is of particular interest to the restorer.  His notes on removing the spring are, at the very least, the section any newcomers in restoration should pay heed to.  You Tube videos are not where it's at with this simple, if done correctly, procedure, but very dangerous if not.

"The Compleat Talking Machine" - Eric L. Reiss. First Published 1986


The cover identifies it as "a collector's guide to antique phonographs - repair, restoration, identification, price guide".  I bought it because of the repair and restoration sections.  My copy is a fifth edition that appeared in 2007 which was the last edition produced.  Obviously from the spelling it is American and I have been advised to treat the information contained with care.  At my stage of gramophone development I've not been able to see too much untoward but there again it's early days.  In my opinion this is the "Bible" for restorers containing a wealth of information.  If you're serious about restoration this is a must have.


"Restoring The Edison Gem Phonograph" - Mike Fields - CLPGS Reference Series (No.7) - First Edition 2010


This is a must for anyone restoring the Edison Gem phonograph.  Whilst aimed at the Model B it includes much information for later Gems that had many parts in common. The 34 page booklet is available direct from the CLPGS (City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society) Price £6 incl carriage.  (Click the link to visit the relevant ordering page at the CLPGS website - "Restoring the Edison Gem" is down the page)


There seem to be few books available on gramophone restoration the ones below being the ones I have come across and used.  Both "The Compleat Talking Machine" and "Collecting Phonographs and Gamophones" are now out of print but can be obtained online from second hand book sellers and ebay